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2014 Advent Ghost Writing Event

Welcome to Advent Ghosts 2014, the sixth annual shared storytelling event. Every year, a group gathers to celebrate the old Anglophile tradition of swapping spooky tales on Christmas Eve. We shake things up just a little bit, though. Rather than writing lengthy pieces, we compose 100-word stories — dubbed “drabbles” — and post them the weekend prior to Christmas.  Here is mine:


“Where you going kid?  Nobody wants to see you.  Remember, you only get tonight.”  The voice said, trailing after him as he walked toward the street.

He stood under the porch light looking at the worn door.

He went in unnoticed and silently watched and listened.  His mother’s gaze went around the room.

When it came to him, he held her stare for a moment.  Her smile grew, tears welled in her eyes.  She placed her hand on her heart.

After making his way through the familiar streets, he heard the well-known, taunting laugh then disappeared among the headstones.



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