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Halloween Flash Fiction

For a several years now, Eric Douglas, has been posting creepy Halloween flash fiction stories.  The challenge is 100 Words. No more, no lesss. Open to anyone. My answer to the challenge is below. 

Halloween Decorations

I felt I was being watched as I walked up the sidewalk and stepped onto the porch.   The deep autumn air gave me a chill.  The following day I noticed the Halloween display was off.   Things had been rearranged.  Again, I felt the eyes on me.  The jack-o-lantern had been moved.  Kids I figured.  The day after that orange pieces of pumpkin littered the porch and the chill returned along with that creepy feeling.  I stooped to clean up the mess and was unexpectedly grabbed from behind.  Terrified I turned, a gloved hand covered my mouth. The Scarecrow.



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