An Andy Rooney Minute

I don’t unkeyboardderstand people who don’t use their garage.  Or at least don’t use garages for housing cars.  It seems you would want to protect your second most valuable investment.  To me, a garage isn’t for that old dresser handed down from Grandma Mabel or for furniture period.  It isn’t for storing stuff you don’t have room for in your house.  It’s not a spare room, it’s a garage.  Most garages aren’t even temperature controlled unless you’re a rich car collector, who knows what a garage is for.  Garages aren’t a place to keep your dog.  I always thought dogs were part of the family.  Not to be sequestered in a totally different room, alone and in sometimes dark and uncomfortable surroundings.  Our dog sits beside of my husband on the couch and sleeps in her own bed in our bedroom.  I’m not one of those people who like a dog in my bed.  If you use a garage for storing furniture or holding onto stuff you’ll never likely use, it’s time to have a sale and make room for that other investment.  Your car will thank you and so will your kids when they get in a partially warm car when going to school in winter.


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